ATLANTA (2011) - A few of my very talented friends here in Atlanta met for breakfast one day and began discussing the prevalence of styleguide usage in the startup and development communities around the world. We talked about our own experiences and challenges around unifying a team around a styleguide and how essential it was that this mechanism not limit our view to solving problems, rather evolve as our applications evolve.

It was there over coffee and eggs that Quilt was born. We began looking into self healing, self maintaining styleguides. Many of them cumbersome and requiring complex set up processes.

With an easy set up, Quilt offers quick import of components allowing for searchable, sharable styleguide elements that integrate seamlessly into your GitHub views.

Invite your teammates, iterate inline, leave comments and enforce cohesion across your application. These patterns evolve. So should your styleguide.


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Information Architecture, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Art Direction, Project and Product management