ATLANTA (2012) - Led product design for Atlanta's We&Co, a small start up looking to make big changes for talented service professionals and the business that support them. Launching a beta iOS app with much praise from Good.is, Mashable, and Tech Crunch, We&Co had to quickly grow in its web presence as it sought to offer useful tools to help businesses grow and reward loyal customers.

I first focused on revamping the We&Co homepage and helping out with related marketing collateral. Web based versions of our service professional's profiles helped bring a richness to the focused interactions provided on iOS. Administrative views were stubbed in to help our team trouble shoot and identify growth areas.

Mobile Web

A mobile web version of the service was put into place to help offset a large gap in android support while funding was still being raised.


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Creative Direction, Product Management, Design, Front end dev. Information Architecture, UI Design, Interaction Design, Art Direction, Project and Product management